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    TeresaClare is a fast growing online retailer founded in 2014, featuring the most sought-after styles and trends in women’s fashion apparels with fabulous dresses and stunning accessories to showcase for.


    Why shop with TeresaClare?

    Standing Out

    TeresaClare is on a mission to turn your fantasy into reality by providing exceptional fashion styles at affordable prices. The company’s entire collection uses only the highest quality materials along with focus on details, creating designs that represent the best in value.


    Platform Features

    TeresaClare believes that everyone should be able to own a wardrobe consisting of high quality, expertly crafted pieces all at an affordable price!

    As a customer, you can browse and shop through a unique platform that will bring your fashion dress and accessories right to your door without any unnecessary hassle.



    TeresaClare is working with the most trusted and reliable manufactures worldwide, thus standing by their products and prides on exceptional customer service, high quality, and affordable prices.



    Shoppers will receive a safe and secure shopping experience, the payment process relies on trusted processing systems that integrate VeriSign’s globally recognized payment technology. What is shown at the checkout page is the full cost, with no additional hidden fees.


    From the very beginning when starting browsing our collection, TeresaClare is dedicated and guarantees to bring you a wonderful shopping experience.



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