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    Prom Dresses

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    How to Pick the Perfect Prom Dresses

    The big and most anticipated night is coming. The moment you’ve been looking forward to since you entered high school – it’s Prom, and it’s finally almost here.

    At TeresaClare, we know you want to look chic, classic, and glamorous – we know you want to slip into the perfect prom dress and wow the room – but how do you do it? There are thousands of decisions to make – but don’t stress! When it comes to selecting the perfect prom dress, there are tons of factors to consider! Are you aware of the dozens of categories that fall under prom dresses? Do you know which type best suits your body? How about your color choice – have you figured out if you’ll go bold or elegant? We’re here to break down the tough choices with you.

    Let’s Talk Patterns and Floral Prom Dresses

    We don’t think you should avoid patterns and florals, be we do recommend carefully considering your choices. Go for classic patterns, simple florals, and avoid busy-bee-patterns if you’re looking for a soft, sophisticated look. If you’re hoping to make a total splash, we recommend finding a bold pattern that matches both the season and your skin tone!

    Consider Your Hair Color

    Before you can get into styles and cuts, let’s talk color. Take a look in the mirror – do you have blond hair? Brown hair? Red hair? No matter what gorgeous shade you’ve got, there’s plenty of options available to you! For our sultry brunettes, we suggest you check out varying shades of blues, greens, and browns. To all our redheads, give an ivory, sapphire, or emerald dress a color so you’ll really stand out! Blonds don’t fret, you have a variety of colors available to you, too – check out reds, oranges, emeralds, and peacocks when hunting for your perfect dress.

    Bold Colors vs. Understated Elegance

    Many prom dresses are soft, elegant, and understated when it comes to colors, but then again, there are hundreds of prom dresses that are designed with boldness in mind. It all comes down to how you feel in the dress, the school’s prom dress code you’re attending, and how much of a statement you’re hoping to make. The best advice we can give you is to go with your gut – if you feel glamorous, gorgeous, and ready to party in the dress you’re trying on, go for it, girl! The most important feature a dress can have is the feeling that goes along with it, so get to looking for the perfect dress. Check out our collection alongside other modest cocktail dresses for a variety of distinct, unique, and glamorous dresses!



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